Find my nextbike

With this app you can rent more than 10.000 bicycles available around the clock in 11 countries worldwide. You will be able to locate bikes nearby and you can rent them instantly. With the integrated bar code scanner you will be able to rent bikes with a QR-Code even faster. In addition you are able to get information, register, reset your PIN, invite friends and redeem vouchers.


zapf service

Let you plan your movement. You can list your whole stuff like furnitures and devices. It calculates the volume in cubic meters and the needed boxes and other equipments. And you can get an individual offer for this movement by zapf umzüge.


KÜS - Sicherheit mit Sympathie und Sachverstand

Read news regarding cars, calculate your german particulate matter badge and find the next partner of KÜS



Find the place to be in Berlin which are recommended by Berlin Partner

Unsere Schlemmertüte

Shows the recipes of the delivered menus and how to cook them for the delivery service on www.schlemmertuete.de


AcuApp Premium

Health on demand! This is the solution for 555 illnesses, from acne to allergies, burnout syndrome, depressions, lovesickness, impotence, migraine, tinnitus up to toothaches which you can easily treat with acupressure yourselves. Easy, low-cost and without any harmful secondary effects.



Redmine - the famous project management tool - brought to your mobile device by iRedmine. With iRedmine you can browse your projects, view issues and even create new issues on the go. iRedmine can handle multiple accounts supporting a variety of installation options such as HTTPS, HTTP authentication, custom ports and path installations.


Saving energy by cycling

ebook cover

Find my nextbike is one of sixteen recommended apps which helps to save energy and to be sustainable by using an iPhone. A German author wrote an eBook about these apps and how they can help the world to become a bit greener.

You can buy this eBook on Amazon (Kindle).

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